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Learn More About Chef Kong Muffins

Chef Kong Muffins is a brand new Kaua’i “pop-up” online baking business that is turning “bullies into buddies” one KING-size muffin at a time! Brought to you by our island’s future entrepreneurs. Kaua’i intermediate school-aged boys and girls will learn how to build a brand, the art of baking, baking for a cause, radio advertising, financial literacy, and more!

Besides baking the best muffin on the island we have a passion for creating a positive culture for our youth. Chef Kong Muffins believes that our island’s youth should be able to grow up in a safe and happy environment. We believe our strength lies in mentorship and collective action to champion acceptance, and long-lasting friendships.

Chef Kong Muffin’s is a Kaua’i-based company with a mission to help END bullying by bringing together the entire community to educate and promote bully awareness & prevention.